November 30, 2020

Millions of people worldwide choose to use Tinder for free. Tinder Gold can be a good temporary option, just to feel the difference and enjoy possible benefits. Then one can cancel it.

It’s impossible to cancel Tinder Gold from one’s phone. The user needs to go to the main website for doing that. Then tap the Manage Payment Account and just cancel the subscription.

After that, one becomes free user and switches to the basic account. If this doesn’t happen, by any reason, it’s easier to create a new account. But at least one’s bank card won’t be charged anymore.

“I had no problems canceling my Tinder Gold account”, Margaret says. “I then continued using the app as a basic member, and didn’t even need any help of the support team, all went smoothly.

I find it pretty convenient that I can renew my paid account any time. I do have friends who switched from free to Gold and back several times, depending on their current priorities.

Tinder is a trusted hookup app so their accounts policy is trusted and user-friendly as well. There’s no need to put extra efforts while switching between the different packs”.