May 7, 2012

So, you are one of those, who want to find out how to return your ex-girlfriend and make her fall in love with you again?

The following steps would help you in achieving your goal and your ex would enjoy you again.

    • Place yourself back into the dating scene. When you like your girlfriend and start falling for her, she senses this and knows you will always be there for her when she needs you. If you would be after her even after your break up, she will count on you, just in case. To have your interest back you need to ensure she knows you are open for a new relationship. Though this will make her feel jealous, but also draw her interest back to your personality.
    • Don’t cater to your ex wants. Make yourself unavailable to her; this will indicate that you have now a new life that is independent from hers. Do not wait for your ex-girlfriend to call you, enjoy your independence. You will be surprised how fast you will hear something from her.
    • Take care of yourself. Develop physically and intellectually. Find a new diet for you, change your work out, or go to gym, if you haven’t been there before. Make sure you have a busy schedule every day and you spend it in an energetic way. Start jogging in the mornings, practice yoga, etc. It is amazing how many things change in your life with the change of lifestyle.
    • Forget about the past. Most of us would come back to the flaws done and dwell on them. This won’t help, but only make you feel even more stressed and depressed. Let all these disturbing thoughts go and you will get emotionally more mature.
    • Be grateful for what you have in your life. When you have everything in your life, someone else wants it too. Becoming grateful for what you’ve got will make you notice things you have never paid attention to before. Grateful people obtain such attributes and features which other people sense and are attracted to. Your ex would, most likely, like to discover what is so diverse about you.
    •  Don’t be afraid of change.  Adjusting to the situation is normal and is a part of or life. It is a shame just to sit and accept the situation the way it is. Don’t be scared to do something about it. Your self-confidence would only grow from this experience.
    • Really like yourself! This is very important. Validate your self-worth. Love yourself, even during the darkest moments of your life. Believe in yourself and never give up. You can be whom you want to be, no matter what other people around you say or believe when you don’t have to look for this love elsewhere, this is the time when your ex would ask you out.

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